Signal Processing, Inc. (SPI) has been in business since April 2006, primarily performing research and development leading to product development, licensing and other commercial relationships in the areas of  fault diagnostics and prognostics, speech processing, chemical and biological agent detection, and multimodal biometrics (fingerprint and voiceprint).

We have designed and implemented four products: CAC-CETTM, Multi-BioTM, SPSTM, and FDPTM. CAC-CETTM is a real-time high performance processing tool for chemical agent classification and concentration estimation. It is implemented in C, modular, flexible, and can be run on Windows platform. Multi-BioTM is a real-time biometric tool that provides 3 configurations: 1) fingerprint only; 2) voiceprint only; and 3) fingerprint and voiceprint combined.  SPSTM contains a set of tools for speech processing, including speech separation, speech enhancement, speaker identification, and speech recognition. FDPTM has real-time tools to perform wireless monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems.

In addition, we also have several powerful prototypes, including bearing prognostics and multiple target tracking, that run in Matlab environments. Demos of these products and prototypes can be found in the Expertise section.

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