Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics with Cloud Architecture

FDPTM is health monitoring software for rotating machinery using wireless sensors. The software tool consists of the following modules: 1) Input module for acquiring accelerometer, voltage, and current data; 2) Health monitoring (HM) tool; 3) Output module for displaying health index. If the system health deviates from the normal status, the health index will increase.

Nowadays, almost all traditional desktop applications are migrating to cloud, such as management information systems, Office, mail and even photo editing. Compared to desktop applications, cloud based application have many advantages: 1) the information can be accessed by users from anywhere at anytime, 2) users can use any internet capable device to access the information or use the software, such as PC, notebook and iPhone; 3) users do not need to install or upgrade any software. Following this trend, we develop a cloud based application for the Fault Diagnosis System. The architecture is shown in Fig. 1. The hardware collects the data and sends it to server in the cloud; then the server process the data and generate result information, which can be accessed through HTTP protocol. The new system is called FDP-BS.

System Architecture:

Fig. 1: Cloud Based System

Web User Interface for Reviewing the Health Condition

HealthyIncipient FaultSevere Fault

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