Matrix Completion with Application to Missing Pixels Reconstruction

We received many electro-optical (EO) images from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The COTR is Dr. Wen Masters. The missing pixels in R, G, and B bands are totally random. We developed novel matrix completion algorithms to deal with missing data in images. Fig. 1 shows reconstructed images of 1 file with 6 missing rates. The reconstruction performance is excellent even in high missing rates (99% and 99.9%). In terms of peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), the scores are all above 25 dB. The visual appearance of reconstructed image in 99.9% missing data case is quite good, as we can still infer structural information out of the images.

50% missing; PSNR: 45.84 dB 75% missing; PSNR: 41.60 dB 90% missing; PSNR: 37.10 dB
95% missing; PSNR: 33.83 dB 99% missing; PSNR: 29.93 dB 99.9% missing; PSNR: 26.32 dB

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