Multimodal Biometric System

Multi-BioTM is a personal identification system using finger and voice prints. This product uses low cost sensors that have complementary properties. We focus on a niche biometric market involving business executives, military personnel, and marketing people who need to protect valuable information in their desktops, PDAs, and laptops. Compared to passwords, fingerprint and voiceprint biometrics are hard to steal and more reliable. Although low cost (<$30) biometric devices will enable more users to use biometrics, the performance of existing software processing algorithm cannot meet the performance of these users. For example, some low cost fingerprint sensors have small area that can only capture a partial fingerprint and consequently the recognition performance drops significantly. Our proposed multimodal biometric algorithm will meet the above requirements by using multimodal biometric fusion, as our preliminary results already achieved 1% False Rejection Rate (FRR) at 0.2% FAR (False Acceptance Rate).

Video Demos

1. Fingerprint Demo 1

2. Fingerprint Demo 2

3. Voiceprint Demo 1

4. Voiceprint Demo 2

5. Multimodal fingerprint and voiceprint


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