Multi-thread multi-core processing architecture

Intel announced the design of a 48-core CPU last year. SPI has developed a multi-thread multi-core processing architecture that can take advantage of the massive processing power in multi-core PCs. We have successfully applied our architecture to speech recognition and genomic data processing. Here we show a few video clips that demonstrate the power of our multi-thread multi-core processing architecture. The application is about continuous conversation transcription of multiple speakers who are talking simultaneously. Our software can be used in single core and multi-core PCs. There are 11 microphones sampling at 16 kHz; two speakers (one in front and one at 45 degrees) are talking simultaneously. Each clip shows one PC (1 core, 2-core, 4-core). The processing involves beamforming, feature extraction for each voice stream, and speech transcription. The one core PC is slow and cannot transcribe the mixed signals in real-time. Quadcore PC can perform in real-time.

Video Demos

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