Video Summarization

VSTTM is a new software tool that can generate highly compressed videos for reviewing and archiving. It is an event based approach. Novel algorithms are used to separate a long video into event segments and non-event segments. The determination of events and non-events can be done in real-time. The algorithms are robust to illumination changes, shadows, moving trees, the presence of multiple objects, changing traffic lights, etc. The tool is suitable for condensing long surveillance videos into much shorter videos and yet without losing any important information in the original videos. The conventional way of reviewing videos is to have an operator to manually view the videos, which is tedious and error prone. Having a much shorter video will reduce the operators' work load and also make the reviewing process interesting and fun. Moreover, the data storage can be much smaller. The video demo in our website shows the case where a raw video with a length of 14 minutes is compressed to a video with only 16 seconds, a compression ratio of 52 times.

Sample Summarized Video (16 seconds) and Original Video (14 minutes)

Summarization Based on Suspicious Object Detection

Summarization Based on Abnormal Motion

GUI for reviewing the events

Applications: Video Surveillance, Video Archiving

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